Dr. Prabhakar Bhat

B.Tech.Tex., M.Sc.Tech., Ph.D. (IIT Delhi), MISTE, PIE, PTA.

Dr. Prabhakar Bhat is a textile professional, did his UG and PG from Bengaluru University and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. He received the coveted award, “Best Ph.D. Thesis of Industrial Relevance for the year 2004” from Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, New Delhi. For 35 years he worked in various reputed institutes in teaching and research and retired as principal of an engineering college in Maharashtra. His close association with industry helped him to develop various products for industry and in extending consultancy to them. Though he has successfully completed many assignments in spinning and weaving during the last 20 years, his focus is more on technical textiles during the last 12 years.

A recently completed project in sanitary napkin was launched at the hands of Bollywood Star, Akshay Kumar, Pad Man. At present he is setting-up a chemical processing plant for polyester, cotton and blends, surgical cotton unit, dot coating with thermal bond nonwoven, facial masks, garment unit of global standard, feminine hygiene products, etc. He is assisting a company in Surat in Patent filing. Wipes (wet and dry) and nonwoven filter projects are under consideration, coating and laminating unit, and many more are in pipeline..

He is associated with a team that developed BIO-CNG from agri-waste which is a very promising product to spread across the country. He also works for linking manufacturer with traders and dealers there by supporting industry in manufacturing. A complete end-to-end consultancy is provided for various products in TT and conventional textiles.

Shyamala Bhat

(A Strategist)

Shyamala Bhat is a seasoned lady experienced in finance and strategizing of any activities. Her interest is in banking, fund management, investment advice, capital market and wealth creation. She is always committed to task in hand and possesses the skill of meeting schedules. Being a strategist, she enjoys in setting high targets, macro and micro level planning, execution and precise monitoring.

She has immensely contributed to various consultancy assignments in the past.

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