Today is the era of disposable products.

Today is the era of disposable products. Everyone in the society wants comfortness and hassle-free life. Undergarment is an utmost important garment of daily use. It feels comfortable if it is fresh and of proper fit. It should not cause irritation, pricking, wetness, or sweating.

The undergarments used in general are of durable type, lasting several washes. However, these durable undergarments need to be washed daily for maintaining hygiene, fresh feel, odour free or infection free.

The persons on move such as tourists, travellers, trekkers, professionals stay out of home for long period or persons, sometimes, keep shifting the place. During such period they can not wash and dry their undergarments. The old age persons, hospitalised patients depend on others for personal hygiene. No one likes to wash undergarments of others. Ladies during menstruating time have the probability of staining their undergarments. Many ladies experience odour in menstruation discharge and are uncomfortable in washing such undergarment. At Spa or massage centres a disposable undergarment must be used because the oil coming in contact with it makes it non reusable.

If an undergarment is provided with affordable price, in all above cases, they would prefer to use disposable items. It is a huge market.

The products currently available in market are made of PP spunbond nonwoven and it is very thin, papery, stiff, hydrophobic, and has improper fit to body. It is nonbiodegradable as well.

The product we have developed is soft, absorbent, comfort, body fit, and can be biodegradable. Price band is affordable to users of above category. It can be patented!

The challenge is to make a right fabric and conversion to undergarment, which we have achieved successfully without forgetting cost factor. An excellent product for domestic and export market.

The product is unique and enjoys excellent market potential!