Dressing pad is a product that can be used as a wound care product.
Dressing pad is a product that can be used as a wound care product in hospitals and clinics or even at home while treating any cut injury. The cut injury can be due to accident, due to any type of operation or any other but not burn injury. When a doctor is treating for such injury, normally, he/she covers the injured part with cotton fiber patch (pad) and then wrap with gauze cloth, POP or any other material can also be covered depending on the need of treatment.

The use of cotton fiber patch is to provide soft cover to the wound, protect it from external forces and to absorb any fluid secreting thereafter. It should support healing of injury.

The problem here is, during follow-up dressing of injured part the cotton fiber patch is removed, injured part is cleaned and rebandaging is done. During this process the partly healed wound is ruptured again because the fibers trap between muscles grown during healing and get ruptured while removing cotton fiber pad. It is said that more than 50% of healing is ruptured again during dressing and thus delaying in healing process. Dressing is also a painful process! Probability of infection cannot be ruled out.

The Dressing Pad developed by Dr. Prabhakar Bhat and co is a unique product, a composite of many materials. It has excellent absorbing ability, smooth surface (coming in contact withwound), no scope for muscle rupture during dressing and faster healing. It also creates a conducive environment around injured area, supporting the healing process. Patient and doctor will be happy because dressing is pain free and can be quicker!

During our clinical trial it is observed that healing is faster by almost 50% and trial is conducted for almost all types of cut injuries.

One can easily guess the market potential in India, and no need of any estimation!