It is a mask used for cosmetic application not the mask used in hospitals.

It is a mask used for cosmetic application not the mask used in hospitals or in food industries or in general use. This mask covers the entire face rather than nose and mouth.

The Facial Mask is used for skin treatment of the face by ladies or gents, preferably by ladies. It is a single or multi-layer spunlace nonwoven fabric dipped in certain solutions (chemicals or herbal) to provide certain effects on skins. The most common skin treatments of face are, freshness, bleaching, skin tightening, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, moisturising, glowing, etc. The mask dipped in respective solution is used for that specific application.

Currently products available in market are imported from China, Korea and Taiwan, no Indian manufacturer in the field!

The potential for the product can be gauged by the current trend of ladies having fancy for such treatments, India has more than 50 crore ladies in age group of 13 and above. For treatment at spa or beauty parlour they spend hundreds of rupees while with this mask they can get the same effect within few rupees.

In India already a huge market is created and no domestic manufacturer, a huge potential for investment.