The current market size, all products put together, may not be less than Rs.9000 cr.

The products of sanitary napkin, baby diapers, adult diapers, maternity pads, panty liners, hospital under pads, etc. under hygiene category have a significant presence in India. The current market size, all products put together, may not be less than Rs.9000 cr. Sanitary napkin, an essential item for menstruation care of 35 crore Indian ladies in the age group of 13 to 45, has only 18% (many reports put it as 12%) usage. Sanitary pads are not for luxury but an essential item for menstruation hygiene. Use of old and unhygienic cloths lead to urinary tract infection and many other gynaecological problems.

Generally, it is felt that the napkins are expensive and not affordable to middle and lower middle class! If cost of pads is the major issue then options are available and cheaper, yet hygienic options can be provided (of course there is no such product currently available in market, but we have the product ready for commercial launch).

Sanitary napkin generally composes of a permeable top sheet, absorbent core, impermeable back sheet, adhesives for gluing to under garment and release paper for protection from gum till napkin is used. There can be several other ingredients depending on the features one wants to offer such as, acquisition layer, odour control, SAP, tissue paper, leakage control guards, etc. The premium segment products have much different structure offering many additional benefits.

They are available in 3 different sizes and structure can be with or without wings, straight or folded (2 or 3) pads, with or without single pouch packing, etc.

However, designing of the napkin is not simple, as it looks to be.It requires the help of experts and a detailed discussion with investor. ‘Copy Cat’ fails in these products and market success would be doubtful.

Higher growth rate of well above 20% for the last couple of decades and high profit margin makes it very attractive for investment in India.